Elephant’s on the shores of Lake Kariba.

A very common sight on the shores of Lake Kariba seeing Elephant’s, this picture was taken in March 2019. The picture on the right notice the different colours of the Elephants. 

my first Peacock bass in Malaysia

measuring in at 54cm, I caught this male while casting at a snakehead fry ball. I believe it was under the fry ball eating the small snakehead. It put up one heck of a fight never catching one before I was left in utter shock at the power this fish fought with, it fought harder than my largest Tigerfish I caught on the Zambezi river.


my other two peacock bass

These two Peacock Bass where caught different years but on the good old trusted spinnerbait, I love my spinnerbait fishing.

my snakehead 


OK, I will be the first to admit that these two snakeheads are small, as they get well over 5kg’s in weight but my biggest came in at 2kg’s. 



Can’t beat a fantastic sunrise to set the day.



Watching the sun go down closing off another day.

River  exploring


Exploring the jungles looking for a spot to fish.

purple sky’s, early rise


Water like glass, purple sky. Here snakehead; snakehead.