Chapter 2 – Day of fishing and conclusion

The day has finally arrived to go to Tasik Prima, city fishing KL, and it was 05:00 a.m. I am up and ready to try do battle with Tasik Prima to catch my first Peacock Bass. The guide arrived at my in laws house to collect me at 06:30 a.m. I very quietly headed downstairs to where my fishing tackle were by the front door. With a quick check of my fishing gear, the reels were on rods, line run through the rod eyes, line tied off to rod eye were ready to be tackled up. Before leaving I had time for a quick cup of coffee.  Ah just can’t beat a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

As the guide pulled up outside the gate, I carried my tackle to his car and we exchanged the normal pleasantries. I loaded up the car and we set off to Tasik Prima. Sitting in the front seat of his car, we chatted for a bit but could not help wonder at the back of my mind what this place was going to be like as I had only seen it on google maps. Thoughts raced through my mind on whether I would catch my first ever Peacock Bass today and what I should use first. Before long, we arrived at our destination but it was still dark outside and the grass was damp and through the trees I saw Tasik Prima’s water, it was like glass with the reflection of lights shining off the water from nearby buildings, birds were chirping, sounds of insects and the odd frog croaking away. With my Rods and Plano trays in hand, I made my way down to the little make shift jetty and saw the boat that we were going to be using. It was basic and small but it’ll do just fine to get the job done or so I had hoped.

As the sun started to break and lift the night shadows, I started to see more of Tasik Prima. Fish were rising in the distance, and the guide shouted, “Frenzy! Frenzy!, Come we go!”. Surface lure tied on I opted for a small prop bait to imitate the bait and the fish attacked. On the other rod I tied on a zoom super fluke. As we approached where the fish were boiling the guide killed the motor but the boil up or frenzy as it’s called here had stopped. Nope its moved so we move and as the guide fired up the little 5hp motor the frenzy stopped again. I soon noticed there was no trolling motor on the boat. It quickly became clear to me that the fish had quickly learned the sound of an outboard motor.

We opted to sit quietly to wait and see, the frenzy started up again and with my rod in hand, brakes reduced on my spool and spool tensioner slacked off, I made my first cast. Bugger 30m short of the target but I work the little prop bait back to the boat but nothing. I cast again, and again it was short of its target area. I reel in not bothering to work the bait back the boat, then pick up the medium light action rod with the zoom super fluke on, adjust the reel for the cast and out the fluke flies, boom right on target. I am twitching the fluke back making it skip and dance on the surface like a fleeing bait fish, bang a small peacock hits it but hasn’t taken it fully so I keep working the fluke back to the boat to see three small Peacock Bass following it. Cast after cast the same thing happened, I knew the Zoom super fluke was too big but I was hoping a bigger one would find it appealing enough but nothing happened. I took the fluke off and tried using a Rapala, then a jerk bait but still no luck.

As the sun rose higher in the sky the fish started to head deeper. I was told we are going to move and I should tie on a jig so I did. We worked the weed line and I used spinner baits, a jig but nothing, not even a little tap tap. Tasik Prima was playing hard and wasn’t going to let me get a fish easily. Higher the sun rose the hotter it was getting and it was already 11:00 a.m. 100 plus in hand, I replenished and re-hydrated from the sweat pouring off my forehead, my shirt drenched with sweat but still no fish. The wind started to pick up much to my relief and in the distance, dark clouds were forming and heading our way, so I figure we had a couple of hours to fish before the storm hits. I pushed on and still no fish, I know they were there but I just could not get them to bite, and eventually we called it a day as the rain started to fall, I cooled down with a sigh of relief.

Tasik Prima, city fishing KL had won this time but I will master it one day.



I was unsuccessful my first-time fishing in Malaysia at Tasik Prima, city fishing KL, as this was due to fishing a heavily pressured body of water, guys on the banks fishing and boats all over. But I made a fundamental mistake when I had taken the wrong rods as I should have used a light action or an ultra-light action rod, as that would have enabled me to cast the light lures further than using the rod selection I took with me. I should have used a drop shot or a small Carolina rig but I never brought any with me. Some days fishing you get it right, some days you don’t, but those days that you don’t get it right are days not a wasted, as you are learning to make yourself a more better-rounded angler.



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