Wow, what a trip that turned out to be. I hope it was a good read for you all. So, what was different with this trip and why was it a success? What did I do differently? Let me answer these questions below.

Well, let’s start at the beginning. I didn’t overthink this trip. Sometimes as anglers we have this thing where we like to overthink it. On this trip, my first let’s say proper trip fishing in Malaysia I couldn’t find any information on where we were fishing as there are just so many ponds or disused Tin mines. Only D knew the location. So I was able to just sit back take a breath and fish to my strengths. That being power fishing. I like fast-moving baits Rapalas, Spinnerbaits. Fast-moving surface baits always on the move covering water, fast locating fish. That’s where the biggest difference is between Tasik Prima and Air Kuning. Tasik Prima is a finesse fishing hot spot. Those fish receive huge amounts of pressure day in day out and they have seen every type of bait and are wise to it. Air Kuning; well the place we fished gets pressure but not on Tasik Primas scale. Also, with Air Kuning, there was a lot more vegetation which gives the fish cover to escape from the heat and just hide if it wants to.  

Seeing the place, we were fishing for the first time, my lure selection was playing to my strengths Spinnerbait, Rapala rattling deep diver; those were the two I caught on. I did try other lures but continued to go back to the old faithful. That’s the thing with fishing we can have a mountain of tackle but out of all that tackle, there will be only a few that we will use regularly; our confidence lures. That’s my advice to you, have whatever tackle you want from whatever brand or all brands but learn how to use them. Build your confidence up in those baits by continually fishing with them, trying different things with them till you find out what works for you with those baits. 

I learnt a lot on this trip from D finding a Fry ball, looking for the tell signs of a Snakehead coming up for air and learning about the very young fry ball. The baby Snakeheads are red and as they get older, they change colour but even after their parents have left them to fend for themselves they remain in that fry ball for security until they get big enough to fend for themselves

Fishing is fun, rewarding and frustrating all rolled into one. Some days you will go out and catch well, maybe even get a record, other times it’s a fun day then there are the frustrating days where you just can’t figure them out, these are the days when we learn the most about fishing but also about ourselves as a person.

Until the next blog thanks for reading tight lines and stay safe.





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