Chapter 1 – preparation and arriving in Kuala Lumpur

Before arriving in Malaysia, I had booked my fishing trip with a local guide, who had given me some advice on what to bring beforehand. Tasik Prima is an old mine and not a huge place, but it does receive a lot of fishing pressure. With this information and help of google maps, I did some research on Tasik Prima and I knew I was going to have to fish finesse.

It was July 2015 and I finally managed to return to Malaysia since my last visit end of 2008 when my wife and I got married in early 2009. This time I was back on a mission and brought with me some of my fishing gear as I had learnt that Malaysia has Peacock Bass and I don’t have to travel far to hunt for them as they live right in the city of KL. Well, to be exact they can be found in Puchong.


I packed a medium action Shimano rod and I paired this rod with a Shimano Curado 151hg reel. Next up was a medium-light action Shimano rod with a Shimano Curado 51hg reel. Both reels were spooled with 10lb fluorocarbon line. Lure wise I had to keep my selection low due to flights and transporting them. I packed 2 Plano 3700 trays. Tray 1 had some small Rapala jerk baits and shallow runners with a small selection surface lure. Tray 2 I took some small Rapala deep divers, jerk baits, and spinnerbaits. Last to pack was a few packets of Zoom super Flukes. My lure selection was based on trying to match the hatch before I got there, but by using the information I’ve obtained from the internet and the local guide.


Arriving in Malaysia with a bit of my fishing gear was a breeze as nothing was broken and nothing missing. I must admit that I was relieved because there would be nothing worse than getting off a plane to find a rod had broken during the flight or your bag with your lures and reels were missing. After being collected at KLIA by my wife’s parents we headed to their house. Oh, how great it was to be back in Malaysia again feeling the heat hit you the second you walk out the aircond airport was like walking into a wall of heat, which felt fantastic. My eldest daughter was not so convinced with this sudden change in weather and a bit shocked at feeling the heat hit her as she walked out of the airport.


My fishing trip to Tasik Prima was scheduled for the second week of our stay in Malaysia, so we spent the first week back in Malaysia visiting friends and family and enjoying all the glorious Malaysian food. Malaysia is such a diverse multi-cultural melting pot and the biggest benefit is Malaysian food, which I have to say is out of this world. If you haven’t tried it you got to try it but be warned once you have tried it there is no going back.


As the days went by and my fishing trip was nearing, I asked my brother in law if he wouldn’t mind taking me to Kepong Tackle. Now, Kepong Tackle is probably the largest tackle store in Klang Valley. They have you covered from entry-level fishing gear up to high-end gear. So naturally, as any fishing enthusiast would, I had to go and have a see and I was not left disappointed. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help. The great thing about Kepong Tackle is their pricing, which is decent and fair. I did not buy much but I got a few bits and pieces that I thought I could use at Tasik Prima.  Needless to say, I spent a good 4 hours in the shop looking at all the different tackle they sell.

Chapter 2 – Day of Fishing



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