Growing up in Zimbabwe



A  Great up BRINGING   and fortunate to call zimbabwe home.


I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and lived there for 21 years. Looking back on my childhood i was so fortunate to be brought up in such a beautiful country like Zimbabwe. With so much to see and experience such as the Zambezi river where i caught my biggest Tiger fish; chased by a female Elephant into the Zambezi river; standing a couple of metres away from a Leopard in a tree eating an Impala; Lions rubbing up against my tent at night; and flying in a helicopter over and through the gorge of the mighty Majestic Victoria Falls or as we like to call it the Mosi-oa-Tunya “the smoke that thunders”. I guess you could say that I was spoiled with such rich experiences living in that part of the world.



Lake kariba

the worlds largest man-made lake by volume.

Lake Kariba is very hard to explain and one of those places you just have to visit. It’s a lake with a maximum width of 40KM and maximum length of 223KM. With a catchment area of 663,000km2 and a surface area of 5,580km2.



Fishing lake Kariba can be super exciting and rewarding, i was fortunate in my junior years to catch two Zimbabwe junior records out of lake kariba. The first one came in 1995 I was fishing in an area called the Gache Gache basin on the Eastern side of the lake. Fishing with my Dad and a good friend of ours, I caught a 2kg Niloticus Bream, the record stood for a while, but i am happy to say that another junior angler has taken that record and i am so happy to see the new wave of anglers coming up and setting records. My second record was caught in Charara the same year as the first and it was a 1kg Green Happy Bream, caught in the newly flooded vegetation. I hope one day soon, another junior will come and take this record from me as i believe that’s the future of our sport in our juniors and we need to conserve and take care of our fisheries all over the world for the next generation.


My greatest memories from Lake Kariba, was if the fishing was hard and the fish just had lock jaw you just had to look to the shore and you would see an abundance of wild life. Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Impala, Lions, Hyenas, Elephants swimming. 


What We Can Offer

Learn to fish in  malaysia

If you are new to fishing then we hope that through the blogs and Vlogs we are able to help you in your new sport to learn to fish. Lets face it it can be a daunting prospect with so much tackle to choose from, and some are geared at luring the anglers more than the fish. 



The blogs are all about fishing, from the very start to the level i am at and continual growth in the sport. Handing my knowledge down to you, to help you.



The Vlogs I create and post will be about my adventures fishing, learn to fish new techniques. Showing you how to fish here in Malaysia and where ever the fishing may take me.


As we have used a lot of different local guides we have been able build up a rapport with them to learn to fish. Putting us in a position to help you choose which local guide to use here in Malaysia if you choose to come to this part of the world and experience what Malaysia has to offer.


Malaysia has a lot to offer the world I feel when it comes to fishing let be from pay ponds; old tin mines; lakes; jungle trekking to the open ocean hunting for the awe inspiring sailfish, Malaysia has you covered.